Brandi + Kelly
photo by Micah Bickham

Sometimes, Brandi and I show up to the same event and we are wearing basically the same thing. She rolls her eyes and I laugh. Do you find yourself doing this with a best friend, boyfriend or significant other often? We decided not to fight it.

What Brandi wore:
grey shirt - American Apparel
peach acid wash denim cut offs - Zara (yes repeat offending again)
shoes - F21
hair - still wet from showering
wrist - 5 Chrisrann wraps and a Kassi Bacquet friendship bracelet
neck - Bueno Bueno headress key necklace
fingers - gold wedding band, Chrisrann prick ring, Chrisrann chained ring

What Kelly wore:
grey shirt - UO sale
peach pants - Marshall's
black ropers - thrifted Justin
hair - messy side fishtail braid 
wrist - assorted Fossil and Bueno Bueno bracelets 
neck - custom bueno bueno key necklace, bueno name plate, and Chrisrann
fingers - custom bueno ring stacked on my bear ears ring (thanks pearl!) from The Rogue and The Wolf