Saturday night I flew out to meet up with Jacob who was playing in Atlanta, and it just so happens that his Best Friend Trav lives there! It was rare that Jacob was playing in Atlanta the same week Travis was home and not touring. We were all super excited. Elizabeth even drove in from Nashville for this little reunion and scooped me up from the airport. 

*I was super pumped to find out that Claire had moved to Atlanta and we all got to hang out and have plenty of fun together.

My Bootsie likes to party and her babysitter @chrisrann lets her!

What shall we do guys? Too many options!

Ever since @rebelfaye put these in the guest room for us in Hawaii they have been my favorite!!! #seaweedsnack #wasabi #snacks

He's the happiest with his #BFF have you ever seen him smile so big!? #bromance

This makes me horny! Get it?! @jodittoe @chrisrann

Good morning friends! @elizadunn #coffee #brunch #hotlanta

Oh my gosh! Explosions in my mouth! #frenchtoast #burnthoneyglazedmaplebacon

Hot coffee in #hotlanta you be crazy! I'll take something cold

When you hear that song and you lose control! #danceparty with @elizadunn #atlanta #dancetilyoudrop

Pizza date with these two! #doubledate #pizzapizza

Byow at antico! #byow #pizzapizza #wine #atlanta @cmindie

Having a blast with these 3 @cmindie80 in #Atlanta

Preparing for our last night in #Atlanta feast! @cmindie80 @emmasteak

#goodtimes with @emmasteak @cmindie80 @leightonching

The hangover with bacon please!

Did you know this bread is saving his eyes from watering? True story try it! #onions #cookingtips #guyswhocook #boysdontcry

This place is hoppin!

Besties feeling #blue before the #airport

1. Checking in on my party girl
2. Traveling Trav's house
3. Obesessed (thanks Kim) xo
4. Besties grilling for us ladies and gents.
5. Trav's throne
6. Sun in my Belly
7. Best french toast
8. These two
9. Solo Dance Party
10. Trav and Claire (love birds) love Pizza!
11. Me and Jacob love Wine!
12. Cool kids
13. Food Prep at the house
14. Then we feasted
15. We ate and ate and ate...
16. Have you tried Leighton's trick?
17. Hoppin
18. Until next time...

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