Costa Rica June 2012

When I first decided that I needed to be more healthy I decided to cut out alcohol just to see how much that played a role in how I looked and felt. It was like my little experiment. The first week was hard because I was so used to having a bottle of wine with dinner or getting drinks after work.
The second and third week was easy because I was noticing results without really working out. I lost a good 7 pounds in those 3 weeks from no alcohol.

After 3 weeks I started enjoying my wine again but I incorporated working out and cutting back on little things that I ate.

If I would get a hamburger I would only eat one side of the bun with the meat, throw out the other.
I stopped using creamer or sugar in my coffee and just used local honey.
Instead of fries I would get a yummy salad and then eat a few of my friends fries.
I would bring Marigold protein bars to work so I would never be starving.
Smaller portions is key. Still working on this.

Weighing in:
I know this sounds crazy but it works and it helps ME hold myself accountable for what goes in my body and how much it effects me. I weigh myself every morning and then I write it down in our office/workout room. It's funny because it will totally be obvious if I ate mexican food the night before I can actually feel when I am heavier. The scale doesn't lie. Or if I worked out really hard and ate really healthy the number on the scale would be dramatically lower. This helped me to want to eat healthier and workout harder because I was also seeing positive results.

Set goals for You:
I wanted to feel firm and confident in my bikini while in Costa Rica.
I want to be a better me the older I get.
DON'T throw away the shorts that are too small for you. Work your way back into them the healthy way. You fit in to them a year ago, you can get back into them!
Pick a healthy role model to look up to. Don't have pictures of runway models for your goal...
I am still working towards my goal... it never stops

I hope this post hasn't offended anyone. I am just sharing my story. I feel happier when I am working out and eating clean and I like the results.

More posts on my work outs coming soon....

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