OMG I HEART: These 12 Blogs

A few weeks back, we had an email from someone requesting a 'reading list' post. While that list is something that is constantly changing, I feel these are the ones that we keep coming back to pretty regularly for our dose of inspiration...

Daily Dolan Geiman
Husband and wife duo, Ali Marie and Dolan Geiman. Everything they post is right on... tunes they're diggin, Dolan's creations, inspiration, and recipes.

Quality Peoples
A collaboration between two friends sharing common interest from two separate cultures. This was one of the first blogs I ever looked at once discovering the blog world. we've been hooked... from their image pile ups to their growing collections, they've got two loyal fans over here.

Tales Of A Tumbleweed
A crafty, traveling, creature loving duo residing somewhere in TN. What can I say, we fell in love with Beca and Doug long before meeting them while they were passing through town. This couple works harder and loves harder than most people you'll ever meet.

Closet Visit
Artist living in L.A., Jeana Sohn. Not only does she let us hop in on her closet visits, but also a glimpse into the lives of the coolest ladies. They all have amazing jobs that we only dream of. You want to be friends with them and have a cup of jo while walking with them through their amazing wardrobes.

The Lingernots
The life and art of Brandon and Elza Burkart. Peeking into the world of Elza and her man is like stepping into another world/time. Fashion, photography, mystery and charm, this blog will leave you hungry for adventure, wine and vintage treasures.

Trop Rouge 
Parisian model living in New York, Christina Cardona. COOLEST HAIR EVER.
Loves her brothers. Loves her friends. Loves to have a good time whether its at the beach, fashion show, or some after party.

Natalie Off Duty
Model off duty, Natalie aka legs for days. You have probably seen her  working with Volcom or free people. Bottom line this girl has style.

Kelli Murray
Artist/Wife/Mom, Kelli Murray Larson. Kelli is just the sweetest california girl, and we have enjoyed her pretty blog for awhile now. Everything from her paintings, illustrations, home decor, family life and killer outfit posts. Beautiful.

Treasures and Travels
totally cool canadian trio (who could easily be models),Tegan, Lindsay, & Bethany share a blog of their treasures and travels. While Tegan is on a musical journey with her husband in Australia, Lindsay and Bethany are busy working on kalos, sharing recipes,  DIYing, and always doing something cool!

Orchid Grey
AMAZING HAIR, Julie is awesome. Honest, Funny, Beautiful, loves her hubby, loves her cats! We really like her writing style and her outfit posts. Julie flew in to Houston to get her hair done at Do or Dye Tx with Brandi before a blogger convention in Austin. She was so stoked to do her hair since we've had HAIR ENVY ever since we laid eyes on it!

Adventures with Veggies
Vegan/Gluten free foodie living in Nashville. Liza Dunn. Food funk no more. No need to worry about what to make for dinner, these recipes are simple and easy to whip together but still have your tastebuds craving more.

Foam Magazine Blog 
FAVORITE MAGAZINE- We love reading the blog because we like being in this little community of foamies who share the same passions and interests as us. Fashion. Ocean. Art. Music. Travel:)

We could go on but we are going to stop at 12.