Last weekend Ashley and I worked (Hair Party) another fabulous wedding. This time it was my client and friend who was getting married and guess who else just happened to be there? Yup, my good ol pal Aubrey McCoy with Smilebooth! This was one of the best weddings I have been to, and I have been to A LOT! The food was awesome, the band was phenomenal, the dance floor was packed and you can never go wrong with taking a million photos of yourself! So Fun! I don't know if I danced more or hung out with the booth more? A BIG Congrats to Adrianne and Jared, you threw a wedding people will be talking about for ages!

Now let the vain fun begin... 20121110_morse_1026-M



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20121110_morse_0827-M 20121110_morse_0133-M 20121110_morse_0756-M

And Smilebooth, we can't wait to see you Dec 1st at the Houston Blogger Symposium Holiday Party!