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my summer shave looking awesome as it grows out. haha.

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A little fun fact about me, I love to collect hankies for my dog and myself while traveling. Zeyk is wearing an awesome fish hankie that I bought while passing through Austin on our way to marfa. I think he's quite dapper, don't you? My hankie was purchased while Korey and I were visiting Becca and Doug a few weeks back for The Pinpoint Method. Dang I miss them... My shirt was scored from our little sister, Mimi, who was trashing a bunch of clothes on her way out for college and I just couldn't pass this shirt up. The color is rad and I don't own a single thing in it. My pink cheetah shorts are from target, I think. Brandi has matching green ones ;). The boots, are of course, Justin Boots.
My mom once told me when I was little that I looked like a rainbow and I took it as the biggest compliment. I'm proud to say I have carried that into adulthood.

PS Thank you so much to everyone who helped spread the word and voted for The Pinpoint Method. It means so much to me.