14 Things You Should Know About Your Hairstylist

It's just one of those days...

Would you walk into a restaurant and ask "I'm poor, can you give me a discount?"
 No, you wouldn't, so don't ask your hairstylist. Save your money and plan ahead. You get what you pay for.

Our job at Do or Dye Tx lets us have the power of making our own schedule but when clients "forget" about their appointments or when they are over 15 minutes late or cancel on short notice, it really starts to get old. That is money lost. Our time is valuable, we have other valuable and loyal clients that need to get in. What it really boils down to is lack of respect. We feel so under appreciated.

* This doesn't apply to you if this happens once in awhile, we get that.

I am writing this for all the hard working hairstylists out there, especially right now during the holidays. This is our busiest time and we also want to spend time with our families!

Things you should know:
<> We stand on our feet 8 or more hours a day with a smile on our face and an open ear to listen because we care.
<> We constantly go to hair classes to keep up with the trends.
<> We don't not get Overtime.
<> We don't get Christmas Bonus.
<> We don't get Paid Vacation.
<> We don't get sick days.
<> We don't get raises, this is why we have to up our price periodically.
<> A trim is still a haircut.
<> If you cancel last minute that leaves us no time to fit someone else in.
<> Don't tell us you can get product cheaper online.
<> If we are too expensive for you, there are other salons that can suit your budget.
<> Come 5-10 minutes early, if you are running late please call in advance.
<> Don't be rude to receptionists.
<> Don't ask us how much you should tip us, it's awkward and didn't they teach you that in school?

Remember this: You wear your hair everyday.

coffee table book coming soon.......