YOUNG LOVE, MAD STYLE: Bethany and Cory


We love sharing style, design and the things we love with you, so in addition to doing our Mucho Monday style posts, we will also be sharing Young Love, Mad Style featuring some of our favorite folks that inspire us from around the world. First up, Bethany & Cory. Brandi and I absolutely love these two. We loved them separately and now we love them together. Thank you Bethany and Cory for being our first 'Young Love, Mad Style' feature. 





Bethany Olson is a fashion and portrait photographer, and Cory Staudacher is a creative director & designer. 

Our names are Bethany and Cory, and we are happily dating! We are located in beautiful city of Seattle, WA. Our favorite thing to do together is exploring, taking photos (Instagram) and drinking coffee together. We are both currently listening to A Boy and His Kite, Purity Ring, Paper Route, Kimbra, Bombay Bicycle Club, Walk the Moon, The Dead Leaves, Summer Heart, and Ellie Goulding.

So Cory and I (Bethany writing here) met about a year ago at a little breakfast place in Seattle called Beth's Cafe. We had a mutual friend who introduced us Lonnie Webb! After that, we kept in contact over Facebook and Twitter for about nine months until we hung out again. In Seattle there's a huge music festival called Bumbershoot. I was working at the VitaminWater stand, and Cory kept seeing my tweets and Instagram posts that I was working there. He came up to me while I was busily pouring VitaminWater into little cups and said "Thank you Bethany!" Which totally surprised me that he was there & made my day. He then gave me his number and we planned our first adventure together to La Push Beach. From there on out we were texting non-stop. Then he went away to go to Texas (to go see Brandi and Kelly! and others). When he came back, it was full on dating mode. And ever since then it's been so amazing doing life together! 

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UPDATE 9.15.14: Cory and Bethany are now engaged! Congratulations, love birds! Read their engagement story here.