Back from Nicaragua, Back to Real Life.

Hi friends! I'm back from #nicaragua little update on the blog! {link in profile}





Saturday evening our flight landed in Texas, Jacob picked us up and the first thing I did when I got home was jump in the shower! The hot water felt amazing, I think I just stood there not moving for half an hour.
I guess Jacob checked instagram earlier that day because I had requested Tacos and Casal Garcia, and when I got out of the shower my glass was poured and he was working on the taco's. Not fish taco's, but he invented some other specialty taco and my goodness it was delish! That night all we did was grub out and catch up on shows. It was perfect.

Sunday came fast, Jacob got up for church and I stayed home unpacking, uploading pics, and waiting for my tummy to be back to normal. I took over 1,300 photos just on my iphone, 7 instax, and I have no idea how many photo's and videos on my Go Pro. It's taking forever going through them all, But reliving that moment through video is the best. When Jacob came back home Andie and Russ called us to meet them at the dog park so we grabbed our boards and got some fresh air.

Later I got a text from Grace with some awesome salon news! Do or Dye Tx is now a complete salon! All chairs are filled with the perfect people! 7 stylists, 2 estheticians, and 2.5 receptionists! Before Jacob and I headed to Andie and Russ's house for dinner we had to grab a celebatory drink with Grace and our newest addition to the salon! I'm so excited you have no idea!

*Mucho Monday will be back next week, Kelly was in Austin and I was just getting back to real life.

Nicaragua Posts Coming This Week...