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Names + Location: Bryan + Laura  // Los Angeles, CA
Occupations: Bryan is a West Coast Sales Rep for Sun Bum // Laura is a Senior Visual Manager at Anthropologie

Our relationship started way before either of us even realized . Bryan's aunt was a bridesmaid in my mom's wedding. His mom was my 3rd grade teacher. Our grandparents were friends. I played the oboe when I was 16 in one of his sisters wedding, and the list continues, so needless to say, our families were somewhat connected. It took Bryan living across the pacific ocean for us to finally connect. Bryan was living on Oahu surfing and pursuing surf photography, when his mother approached my mother and decided that the two of us needed to be set up. After a month of emails, aol instant messages and very long phone calls we both knew that this was it. Bryan moved home and a month later we were engaged, and 11 months later we were married. 

We've been married for 10.5 years | two boys ages 4 & 1.5

Favorite thing to do together: Going on adventures with the kids. Our goal for 2013 is to go on one great adventure a month.

Favorite place to shop for clothes:
for Bryan: thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, surf shops
for Laura: thrift stores, Free People, Target 

Fun Fact: Bryan is the cook of the family. If it wasn't for him we would be eating quesadillas every night.

Her // Blog: Ascot Friday
Instagram @AscotFriday & @TargetDoesItAgain

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