FEED THE BEAST: Paleo Pancakes








Lately we have been getting requests to post some of our healthy meals. Usually Jacob does all the cooking in our house, but Sunday I decided to surprise him with blueberry banana pancakes. I surprised myself with how good these were!

Confession time... when Jacob came home I was really frustrated because I couldn't make the pancake pretty. It was burnt and crumbled so he came to my rescue and helped me out. We definitely need a pancake griddle to make this easier for me.

Here's the break down for the Pancakes:
<> 3 banana's
<> 3 eggs
<> 1/2 cup of almond butter
<> 2 teaspoons of cinnamon
<> handful of blueberries (add these after everything is blended)

All you have to do is mix the ingredients (not including blueberries) in a blender or Vitamix and then pour onto your greased (we use coconut oil) griddle.

Brandi + Jacob

*We are going to continue this feature, Kelly came up with the name because that is what she says when I get grumpy. But it's so true, after I am fed I go back to being a peach:)

*oh and this fed 3 of us. We didn't use syrup. I know banana's have a lot of sugar in them so I ate this then 30 min later I ran 5 miles. Try to eat your fruit before workouts:)