-1 Good Morning Everybody! Today is my Mom's Birthday!!! We celebrated last night because Kelly is flying to Nashville this morning so Safe Travels little sis. Last night we played it low key and ordered Pappasito's, I think this is becoming a tradition. I made everybody watch The Bachelor tells all after Kelly left. Most the night was spent laughing and being kind of sad at times, our mother is notorious for starting out with a "did you hear what happened to... (insert really sad depressing story). We all know how to shut it down pretty fast but sometimes she sneaks one in, then the next person chimes in, then the next and before you know we all have shared some messed up story and the saddest faces in all the land.

Anyway Mum, I hope you have a wonderful day! I hope you don't have to work today and that you just get to relax and watch movies! You are the best! The funniest, most caring, sweetest, strongest, and loving Mother. Seriously I do not know how you survived us four. And we didn't die?! That's a miracle! I'm sure it was because of those prayers you said right before we left the house everyday growing up...even if we were in a hurry, embarrassed and our friends were watching with strange expressions. That makes you like SUPER MOM! If I am ever a mom I will make sure to do that and the scriptures on brown paper lunch bags with a precious moments sticker on the outside. I loved it even though I was a little embarrassed at the time. Now I think it's just Amazing. You are hillarious and brilliant! We are very blessed to have a Mama like you! Maybe one day we will figure out how to pay it all back!