Hope you all have an AMAZING Valentines Day! Today is a day that you can make the people you love feel extra special! So text/call/skype/ plan a date with your lover, friends, your parents, siblings, co workers, whoever you choose to spend your day with.

Every year is different for us, our parents have always made it special for us, so we like to pass that on to others by having, singles Valentines Day dinners, or Valentines parties for everyone to come. This year Jacob is out of town so Kelly and I decided we would treat our parents this year and show them how much we appreciate and love them. Our family loves Dinner and Movies... so that is what we shall do. Mom and I are going to chick flick it up while my dad and Kelly will go with the action route.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Hope you feel and show love today!!! Xo
You don't have to break the bank to make someone feel special either here are some little things that go a long way!

- make breakfast for your wife/husband
- bring your person coffee in bed
- bring your co-workers coffee
- try a new recipe and bring it to work for everyone
- make a card
- make a mix tape (cd)
- take out the trash without being asked
- make paper flowers, effort really counts!
- leave a love note on your chalkboard wall
- buy a friend lunch
- smile and be pleasant to be around
- clean the house so your husband doesn't come back to a mess :)) (working on this now)
- make your presents