YOUNG LOVE MAD STYLE: Kelli + Sam (+ Rylee) Larson

Kelli + Sam Larson
Sam is a national Sales Manager for Made For Good clothing brands and Kelli is an Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Their favorite thing to do together is going to the beach (since they do live on the west coast). Sam loves the surf and Kelli loves the sun.








Meet Sam & Kelli Larson. 
we live in Encinitas, California with our cat Bam and our 1 year old daughter, Rylee. We met through a mutual friend. Sam worked for Nixon at the time and I was designing for a clothing company called Jedidiah... so we kind of ran in the same circle and would often see each other at trade shows and out and about.  We hit it off, swapped digits, dated for a couple years, fell in love and got hitched in November of 2009. We've been married three years and together for five.

Fun Fact:
As kids, we both grew up going to our grandparents cabins in Wisconsin every summer.  Sam being from Minnesota and me from California.  I love that we both share a deep love for that place and it's beauty, and we hope that our kids (we plan to have more!) can grow up experiencing it the way we did.

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Sam rarely buys clothes because he's the sales manager for several clothing brands... so he's usually wearing CXXVI, Afends, or Jedidiah.  But when he does buy something it's usually from Levi's or vintage.
Kelli sticks to her favorites, Free People, ASOS, Anthro

Currently Jaming:
Of Monsters and Men

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