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Patrick  + Erin Shedarowich
Patrick is from Irvine, California. Erin is from Boston, Massachusetts. We live in Newport Beach, CA with our son Rowan (2) and our dog Olive.

Patrick // is an Entrepreneur and currently owns a marketing/printing and distribution company Recon which he started.
Erin //  stay-at-home Mom to Rowan (2) with baby #2 (girl) due in June.  I love helping Patrick brainstorm business ideas and helps him in the overall management of his company. 

Favorite thing to do together:
We enjoy entertaining/bbq'ing at our home with friends // spend lots of time at beach (preferably when there are waves for Pat) // traveling to visit friends throughout the country

How we met:
It's a little complicated, but the short version is that we first officially met while snowboarding in Breckenridge, Colorado.  I was living in Colorado at the time and one of my girlfriends there (from California) had a couple of her friends from home visiting and one of them was Patrick. At the time we were both in relationship so we thought nothing of it. A few months later I was out in California visiting my brother and researching SoCal with the hopes of moving there.  Patrick and I crossed paths again through our mutual friend and we learned that we had both ended the relationships we were in. Fast forward a couple of months- I move to San Diego and Pat is in Orange County. We start dating, a year and a half later we are engaged and are married a year and a half after that.  This July we will be our 6 year anniversary 

How long have y'all been together:
married 5.5 years, together 8.5 years

Patrick // it's like pulling teeth to get him to shop. But when I can get him in a store it's usually somewhere very close by like Urban Outfitters, American Rag or local surf shops.
Erin // it's hard to narrow down because I shop all over but my go-to places are:  Zara, Free people, Target and Urban Outfitters. I also love Australian brands! 

the middle east // the lumineers // bob dylan // radiohead

We are both Taurus's  and stubborn as hell. Although they are on opposite coasts, our parents were also a match made in heaven and have become very close friends. They even go on vacations without us! It's pretty cool.

Where to Find Them:
Her Instagram <> ErinMayshed
His Instagram <> Pshedarowich 

*Professional Photos by Jackie Culmer