Twinkies! What the heck is up with our Houston Weather!? Not complaining, we will soon melt in the summer heat. #donthateonmyugglies

I'm feeling hung over from last nights 10pm hot yoga class. #morewater #bigyoga @iheartbueno #fbf #hydratefool

You know. #morningswithalisenbe @iheartbueno #breakfastintheshower

My Wake Up and Go Shake: almond milk, almond butter, spinach, protein powder, blueberries, cran- raisins, coffee beans and ice. Now I'm ready for @washingtongym !!! #day18 #30daychallenge #30daybcichallenge #workingonmyfitness #vitamix

The most challenging thing in the world for me is to "be present" or "relax" so do I enjoy yoga? ... not yet. @iheartbueno @jess_n_jude #bigyoga #ladiesofwashingtongym #yoga #workingonmyfitness #sistersister #hotmess

I'm in day 5 of my #BCICHALLENGE this is meal 2 out of 5. Eggs, arugula, onions, yellow peppers, tad bit of tony chacheres and green pepper sauce. The 2 handfuls of arugula is under the egg @jess_n_jude !!! @washingtongym #workingonmyfitness #30daychallen

Or Maybe my favorite part of the day was riding down the street to the post office to pick up packages:) loving my new @suda_nyc tee! #sudanyc

Day 17 Progress photo.

Hello friends! Just wanted to give y'all an update with how I am doing with my 30 Day Challenge.
Since I last wrote Kelly has joined me. She isn't going to Washington Gym, but she's eating healthy and joining me for late night Hot Yoga sessions. It's been a lot of fun having her and Jacob be a part of this.

1. Jacob does the shopping & healthy cooking but since he just got back in town I went with him.
2. Kelly and I got the New student deal $40 for 30 days at Big Yoga (8 & 10pm are our favorite)
3. Most days I have to drink my breakfast and coffee in the shower.
4. Just loving our Vitamix! I make a shake everyday!
5. I love taking classes with Kelly and our friends.
6. Typical Breakfast by my wonderful Husband Chef.
7. I just want to wear workout clothes all the time now especially my Suda NYC shirt!!! I just need Kelly's Sweatshirt now!
8. This was photographed last Monday //Day 17 in dressing room when I was texting my friend Andie photo's of which suit I should get.

So some of you have asked me in emails and on instagram (Lisenbesquared) How many times I am working out a week? I will start with Day 1 // March 2.

Saturday- Ran 4.32 miles
Monday- Gym (Abs)
Tuesday- Ran 4.50 miles // walked 4 miles
Wednesday- Gym (vertical push/ pull)
Thursday- Gym (HIT/ conditioning)

Sunday- Hot Yoga
Monday- Gym (legs)
Tuesday- Gym (core)
Wednesday- Gym (Arms) then Late Night Hot Yoga
Thursday- Late Night Hot Yoga
Friday- Gym (core density)

Sunday- Hot Yoga
Tuesday- Gym (legs)
Wednesday- (arms)
Thursday- Late night Hot Yoga
Friday- Gym (vertical push /pull)

Monday- Ran 4.25 miles // Late Night Hot Yoga
Tuesday- Gym (HIT/ conditioning)

My eating schedule looks something like this:
8 am -My wake up and Go Shake (Almond Butter, Almond Milk, Blueberries, Spirullina, Protein Powder, Cacao, Spinach, Date, Ice)
11am- 2 eggs with yolk, spinach, veggies, hot sauce, & black coffee
2 pm- Marigold Bar and Veggies
5pm- Loaded salad with Fish
8pm- Mahi Burger with Lettuce as Bun, or Ground turkey madness with lots and lots of Greens.

*It varies everyday, I need explosions of flavor so Jacob does a good job at changing up my meals so I don't get bored. He was out of town last week so I had to do it on my own. Lets just say I appreciate him even more now. My friend Ashley Feeds me a lot when he is gone as well. 

I'm feeling pretty awesome, lots of energy, happier, inspired, tighter, stronger, confident, and excited.
My days are more productive, my thoughts are clear, I'm getting a lot of rest, and I've never felt better.

As for my physical results... this is just a bonus not the most important factor. I want to be very clear with everyone that I am doing this as a healthy lifestyle change for myself // to be the best version of myself. And I am just sharing with the people who are interested.
God gave me a healthy body and I want to take care of it the best I can so I live a long healthy life.

I am noticing a big difference, my clothes fit looser than they did before, my mid section has never looked like what it looks like now, and my arms and legs are getting definition. I am slimming down a lot. I will post pictures soon.

WORKING ON MY FITNESS- The one where I share other fun activities for working out.
Working On My Fitness: Before Photos

I want to thank those of you who have really been supportive of this feature. It really means a lot to us!

*Kelly is a vegetarian so she will be sharing her meals and her progress with you soon.