YOUNG LOVE MAD STYLE /// Ariana + Caleb



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///  Ariana  Montoya<>personal assistant for an aerospace company/wedding photographer)
///  Caleb Babcock <> freelance videographer 

we are both from Snohomish, WA (small town USA)

Favorite thing to do together ///
We love to hike together, we try to get out every weekend, we spend a lot of saturdays in the mountains. We also enjoy a cozy day in catching up on the latest tv series... (currently, Breaking Bad)

How did they meet ///  
We met in our high school photo class. I was the teachers assistant for his class and was in charge of teaching his class how to enlarge and develop's only fitting that we met in a darkroom. We have been together 5 years now and are getting married in the summer. We are both completely in love with photo and video and plan to turn our passions into full time business.  

Favorite thing about each other /// 
My favorite thing about Caleb is his passion for the things he loves, he definitely gets what he wants ha ha. He is a goofball as well, I'll spend my entire life laughing with him. He says his favorite thing about me is my big heart :)

Favorite places to shop /// 
I'm partial to a good thrift store as well as  the sale section at urban outfitters which we call "Surb". Caleb said Costco/ Kirkland signature mediums are all you need. We both prefer a good sweater and a comfy pair of Nudies 

Currently Jammin' ///
We're both big fans of John mayer, but were more then likely always listening to something from Jesus Culture or the newest Bethel album.. 

Fun Fact ///
We once wrote and filmed a rap video that no one will ever see :) 
and we're madly in love with each other!!!!!! Were young, in love and i'm not so sure about the style part.

Ariana ///
 twitter: Arianalynee
 instagram: @arianamontoya

Caleb /// 
twitter: Cameracaleb
instagram: @cameracaleb