WORKING ON MY FITNESS /// AFTER (Challenge Completed)


My 30 day BCI challenge ended yesterday (April 1st) I was measured Saturday.
I was a little bummed because I wanted to get down to 14% Body fat but this just gives me more push to work hard and still meet my goal. I'm still proud of myself for cutting my body fat in half since November. 
Other than the numbers, I FEEL GREAT! So now that the challenge is over what's next?
I'm going to keep going. Yesterday I had a few celebratory drinks and some junk food at my sisters new place but I don't see myself going back to drinking on the regular. I think I will save it for special occasions.
As for sticking with the eating plan, Yes! I will continue with it because I feel good, I have more energy, my stomach never hurts, I am liking the changes in my body, and I still have 2 treat meals a week. It seemed really hard at first but now it's just my routine.

Some of you asked if Washington Gym is a Crossfit gym and the answer is No.
I love the workouts, the trainers, and the people. Never been happier with working out. 


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