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(shorts will be in our shop soon)

So it seems as though we take a lot of trips. Well it's true, we do. People always ask me how we can go on so many trips and I will just say this... 
1. I work my butt off. When I am not traveling I am working long hours at the salon so that I am able to take these trips and make up for the days that I am gone.
2. We don't have kids yet so we have the time and the extra money.  
3. We both are self employed.

Some people spend their money on designer clothes, fancy cars, big houses, kids, or technology, everybody has their "thing" but we choose to spend our money on Vactation/ Roadtrips. If we don't take a trip often we kinda go a little nutty. Maybe one day this will change but for now our "thing" is Travel. I want to have fun memories rather than material items that I will get sick of in a matter of months.

I also make rules for myself. In January I decided I wasn't going to buy any new clothes unless I had a specific need or unless I received a gift card. I made an exception and I bought 2 new bathing suits for my last Costa Rica trip because that was a treat to myself for working on my fitness and getting down to 15 % body fat. Not shopping all the time also makes you get creative with mix and matching your wardrobe, so it's kinda fun. I am just trying to stick with  "MAKE MORE SPEND LESS."

I am getting more into the budget thing the older I get. It's fun to me, I'm just trying to convince Jacob of this new fun! haha!