Help! I need a couple of good books to take with me to Mexico! What should I get? #sfpgoestomexico

I always have to start packing a couple days ahead of time because... well I forget things.
So today I am thankful I had a huge cancellation at work so I have more time to pack and run around and get the things I need. I pretty much have everything I need except READING MATERIAL!!!! How did I leave this to last minute? Please help and tell me what I should get. I am so so bad at picking books! I need something to read while on the plane and at the beach. I have today and tomorrow to be prepared and then we are off in the wee hours Thursday morning.

Books I have really enjoyed:
-Perks of being a wallflower
-Bossy Pants
-The Great Gatsby
- Shop Girl
- Hunger Games
- The Drifters

That was just so you have an idea on what to reccomend.