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Two weeks ago Mirror Mirror came to The Bueno Studio to interview us and to get the Bueno Scoop on how we do things. We had a lot of fun with them, lots of laughter and do overs. I don't know how many times I would answer a question, lose track (Brandi Black out is what we call it) then ask, "Wait what was the question?" Oh Lawd! "Kelly, Amy! Help!" Haha

uno /// Kelly getting all set up for the one on one interview.... she was way better than me on camera, I don't know how she does it.

dos /// Us Buenos all sporting our Bueno Vacation shirts. We haven't put them in the shop yet because our friends keep buying them when they come over. This pineapple shirt and the floral shirt will be going in the shop.

tres /// Our inspiration wall: colors we dig right now, old photo's of us when we were kids, postcards from travels, tokens from travels, encouragement notes, some of the first items we ever made together, this is after we took some stuff down. We can't giveaway all our inspiration.

quatro /// Please excuse the ugly black curatin, we had to hang that because there was too much light coming in. Amy and Kelly showing a typical work day at the studio.

We'll post the link when it airs, at this point we don't know when that will be?