13 members of SFP traveled together for our cousin Darin's Dirty 30.
We arrived to the airport 2 hours early exhausted from the night before. We celebrated Darin's birthday at one our favorite Mexican restaurants in town 1308. When we got home it was late so we packed and skyped with Lonnie until we had to go.
The excitement began when everyone started showing up to the airport. Can't you just see the excitement jumping out of the screen? Haha
Andie got searched. "He's a looking for fruit."
Don't bring fruit in your bag people. Who knew?
Birthday Boy and his wife Ginny. She's responsible for getting all of us together:)
Arriving to our Hotel and ready for some cold cervezas! 
Finally getting our toes in the sand. This guy was the first to jump in.
He wears chort chorts!

We stayed at Cancun Oasis an all inclusive resort for 4 nights. We paid around $650 a person for flight, hotel, food, and drinks. We arrived around noon, checked into our rooms and headed straight to the beach.
Our day consisted of playing in the clear blue water, reading books, drinking cocktails, and hanging in the pool. Pure relaxation. Here's the truth. This resort is not one that I would recommend to anyone. I've been to a few different all inclusive resorts and this is the first time it was not awesome. Don't get me wrong, the trip was a blast because we had the ocean and an awesome crew so we just laughed it off. Some of the group upgraded over to Grand Oasis (next door) and their experience was much better and less of a Party Hotel.

Our rooms:
-Wet floors.
-AC wasn't working in two rooms.
-The hotel flooded so the last two days our beds were damp along with our luggage.
-Shortage of towels.
The Pool: Dirty- I'm pretty sure there was no chemicals in the pool and it smelled like pee.
-Blurry- Underwater pics not so great.
The Food: The breakfast and lunch Buffets were ok, and the Italian Restaurant was yummy.
The Drinks: Stick to beer or wine because everything else was nasty.
The Staff:
-Really friendly
The Beach:
-Beautiful, one of the prettiest beaches I've been to.
-They had plenty of chairs to lay out on.

* Make sure to always read trip advisor or yelp reviews before booking a vacation.