Hahaha! Or payment for #cancun sins. @washingtongym #workingonmyfitness #ineedanotherchallenge 
I died laughing when I walked into the gym to find this written on the mirror. Thank God I missed Summerfest this year because I didn't have to do this extra workout. Safe? Not quite. Today's workout was a beast. I hated it but I loved it equally. I told my trainers Jess and Hahn, that I needed a new Fitness Challenge so they are going to make one up for me.

 Today's Washington Gym Workout- Lower Body/ Cardio

 Warm Up- Outside!  (87 degrees / 66 % Humidity)
- Side lateral lunges/ butt kicks back (4 x)
- 20 sprints

Workout (5 rounds)
10 Gobblet squats (3seconds down/1 second up)
30 Plate elevated jump lunges
15 Ring hamstring curls

Run to Memorial and roll out on foam roller.

Goal: Drink a gallon of H2O everyday. Why is this so hard for me?!

Did any of you make it to FPSF (Free Press Summer Fest) this year? I hear Mackelmore was AMAZING! The only reason we missed it was because we went to Mexico.