silly smile

Well, I've been talking about changing my hair FOR.EV.ER. The normal response was negative, but I've been itchin for a change up. So much of my life has changed in the last seven months and I needed a new 'do to go along with that. About two weeks ago, our friend Rannie (Chrisrann), posted about 'Blunt cuts' on facebook. I clicked on the link and that was it... I was in love with every photo I saw. Also, cutting my hair like this would allow me to finally get rid of all my blond ends that have been driving me crazy. It was an all around win. It took about a day to talk Brandi into cutting it, especially the bangs because she likes my eyebrows, but she got on board sooner than I thought. 

Here it is. The new cut/color. While some of you might think it's no big deal, IT'S HUGE FOR ME to have straight lines (not to mention I chopped about 7 inches of hair!). My bags are slouchy, my clothes are wrinkled, my boots are scuffed, and I usually have paint, coffee or leather particles on me, so having a 'polished' cut like this is so odd and refreshing to me.