Why do you do this to me MAC?
I went to #costarica and all I got was this horrid dread. Today I'm going with @tjsilmon advice and bleaching it. #dreads  #beachhair #fml #puravidayall
(please excuse the accidental Dread, it's a long story....i ended up cutting it off.)

Jacob bought me some lipstick for my birthday in April. He bought me my usual orange shade and then he saw a pretty pink lippy that just stood out to him. Turns out he was on to something! It was perfect! This pink was RADICAL! It was called "Silly Girl" which he said was appropriate and everyone commented on it.

Anyway it's gone. I lost it. BIG SURPRISE!  I was sad because Jacob had bought it for me then I was even more sad when I found out it was limited edition!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!??? They don't have it anymore. What the heck am I suppose to do knowing I had the perfect pink and now it's out of my life forever?

Sunday we went to Sephora to try and see if we could find something similar and we did but it's just not the same.... This hunt will continue....

ON THE HUNT /// the perfect pink lippy/// they stopped making my favorite one #blogged #selfie #mac #lancome
This is the one I found Sunday....Close but no cigar : Lancome 343B- this one isn't as thick or matte, which is the way I prefer it.

What are your go to Brands/ Colors for lipstick?