On Brandi///
Top/// Bueno (in the shop)
Shades/// Celluloid
Wrist/// Chrisrann, Parra Jewelry
Necklace/// "Dudette" (in the shop)
Pants/// Free People at Marshalls
Shoes/// Vans Slip-ons

On Kelly///
Shades/// Raybans
Top/// Marshalls
Pants/// Pacsun
Boots/// Dolce Vita
Wrist/// Chrisrann & Vintage
Necklace/// Bueno (in the shop)

B // This weekend was crazy busy as usual, I worked at the salon everyday and Kelly worked at Stash. Friday night was one of those nights where I was a zombie after work and I didn't wat to do anything except sit and stare at a screen, so Jacob and I went and saw not 1 but 2 movies (Way Way Back and The Heat). I totally recommend both of them! One is a feel good movie and the other was a laughing your hardest until your belly hurts movie.

K // Friday... I had spent the whole week at the Stash Factory prepping for the Saturday shopping event that by the time I got home around 8 pm, I had just enough energy to shower, pick out an outfit and pour a glass of wine. I was out before I could take sip number two. Sad but true...

B // Saturday came too fast and Stash had one of their summer events that I had to miss because of work. I was super bummed because they are always so much fun and inspiring. When I came home from work Jacob made us dinner and we set some new goals, which are my favorite kind of nights. Music, wine, and looking forward to our future. The Lisenbe's need a POOL!

K // Saturday began bright and early at the Stash Factory. We had mimosas, fresh product, took orders for or new American Legacy collection, spun records and met some rad customers. It was good to be with the entire extended Stash family in one space at the same time. It was a good event. As soon as it ended, I raced home to meet up with the fella installing my internet. I officially have internet (and yet another bill to pay) in my little home in the boonies, hello world! I immediately got back to working on a few design projects.

 B // Then Sunday morning came.  It was really sad finding out that Cory Monteith passed. Really really sad. I can't imagine what his family, friends, and glee cast are going through.  This always hits a sore spot for me. I don't get why this always happens? We will definitely miss seeing him on Glee and it really won't be the same without him.

After working a few hours at the salon, Jacob and I stopped by a friends birthday and then headed over to The Uptons new home to help break it in:) 

K // One of my favorite days, Sundays. I spent the entire morning cleaning, prepping my produce for the week, caulking everything in my kitchen, laundry, changing out bedding, moving in my new couch and started painting the living room. It's amazing how long it takes you to do even the smallest of tasks when you live alone. I felt like a champ until I realized how late it was.

Overall, the weekend was one of the best I've had since moving in because I actually took my free time to cross off a few things on my home list. Usually I just try to cram in as many things as possible and then get to work on Monday feeling like I ran the marathon. I'm leaving for work this morning feeling pretty refreshed and good about what I've finished so far.

I'll post a home update soon... promise!