AROUND YOUR TOWN /// Dolores Park


So we made it to our destination. San Francisco! Jacob drove Grace and I to Austin on Friday, we hung out with friends til all hours of the night, woke up and he took us to the Airport to catch our flight. What a guy! I have a little fun fact for y'all, Jacob proposed to me 6 years ago this exact week when we were visiting our good friend Rannie. I can't believe it's been 6 years since I have been in this beautiful city! See Post Here.
Once we got settled in Grace and I grabbed some wine and pizza and cabbed it to Dolores Park where we met up with the rest of our group. Can I just tell you that I am in love Dolores Park and all the people watching. I just kept staring at everyone. I could seriously do it for hours. The weather was perfect. 70 degrees. I mean..... come on!

Brad and Kate informed us that there are 17 parks like this is the SF area. Holy cow! Can we please borrow a couple for Houston? Please??? Maybe the weather too?


Today was awesome but I am so ready for bed. I have a belly full of Vietnamese take out and I am really excited to wake up early, sip on some coffee and walk to Vidal Sassoon for our first day of class. Oh yeah incase you didn't know, that is why we are here. Four of us from Do or Dye Tx came for a three day cutting class. You can never have enough inspiration or education in our line of work. I will be posting more on Instagram.

Follow my adventures @BuenoBrandi // our hashtag for this trip is #DoOrDyeTxGoesToVidalSassoon

Thanks for all the recommendations on IG and email so far. We will be here a week so I want to experience as much as possible! Please let me know of places I must check out. Coffee places, Shops, bars, scenery.... I'm making a list.