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So far this week in San Francisco has been amazing! But that was expected. The weather has been absolutely perfect! This morning will be our third and last day of ABC cutting with Nhi at Vidal Sassoon. She is a badass and we want to pack her in our suitcase and take her home with us. Can we do that? We are wishing we would have signed up for the 5 day class instead of the 3 day because it's just the bomb!

Schedule (Sunday- Tuesday)
6:30 am - Wake up! Coffee time!
9:00 am - Be out of the House and start walking to school (15 min)
9:30 am - Class starts
1:00 pm - Go eat Lunch (La Boulange)
2:00 pm - Back to class
5:30 pm - Walk back to the house
6:00 pm - Drink wine while we get ready to TLC radio! (Best Pandora Station)
7:00pm - Walk around town, grab a drink, go to dinner (Grace made reservations every night)
12:00 am - Watch you tube videos from VMA's and freak out about Miley, WHAT THE HECK!?
12:30 am - Video my girls that I'm with so we can watch in the morning. I have too many good ones!
1:00 am - BEDTIME!!!

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