We LOVE to have fun and surround ourselves with friends that are down for a good time. We also love water, beaches, and getaways, even if it is only for a weekend and an hour away from home. We've said it many times before, in order to survive a Texas Summer, you must stay in the water. Here are some of our favorite toys to take with us to the pool, lake or beach.

> "ride-on" floats have always been a thing for us. We even use to take them sledding in Colorado back in the day.  This Swan float has been the life of the party! Never too old for floaties.

> Something good to read. We are both currently reading the same book.

> Underwater camera. We use a lot of disposable cameras when we are on trips, but lately we've had a lot of fun playing with this guy. And if you don't have this Case for your phone you really need to get it! All photos above taken with this. See, so much fun right?

> A backpack that can look rad and take a beating. Brandi and I are in love with the 'American Adventurer' backpack.

> Surfboards and some kind of board on wheels in case the surf is dead (we live in Houston). We usually long board, but have loved riding these this past year.

///The Goods///