Here's the deal. I never make appointments. I take that back, for a year and a half I had eyelash extensions.  (It was so good for me to be forced to just lay there and be still and relax for a bit.)  But I stopped getting them a couple months ago so once again I can say I don't make appointments.

Yesterday I was in the back room telling Lindsey I had a cancellation and she did too so I figured it's now or never, "LETS DO MY HAIR!"

This is usually how our hair gets done. We don't have time to think we just slap some color or bleach in our hair. Most the time we do it ourselves because no one else has time, and what hairstylist wants to come in on their day off? I am a bit of a control freak but I am letting go little by little. I still pick the pieces I want lightened but I let Lindsey do the actions. She is amazing for being able to put up with me. Haha. I'm thankful that we had that small amount of time yesterday, we didn't have time to tone it, so today I will be doing that after work, maybe we will even add some more pieces.

I really need to start being a better girl and making appointments for nails and I need to go to a Salon other than mine to make a hair appointment and get a different salon experience where no one knows me.

Are you an appointment person or spur of the moment person? How often do you get your nails or hair done? Grace and I are going to Austin next Friday before we fly out to San Fran and we need to get Mani / Pedi's so if any of you have Austin Rec's of good nail salons please help a sista out.

Just curious....
1. How do/did you find your salon?
2. What makes your salon experience a good one?
3. What do you look for in a Salon/ Stylist?
4. What kind of salon posts would you like to see more of?