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Thank God for the Lulu's Style Swap on Friday, because I left for the Austin Texas Style Council without a dress for the Saturday night Prom. I found two black dresses and went with this one because I fell in love the with open back and side cutouts. Brandi came prepared with her cute little arrow number and Toms.

Early on in the day my allergies got pretty bad, so I ran down to the hotel lobby during the conference and got the only relief they had... Benadryl. Between the conference and Prom, I passed out at our friend Colin's house. From the time Brandi woke me up, to the time I went back to sleep later on that night, I was loopy. The ground felt like a sponge, my head felt like a balloon, and my limbs were all out of whack. I hate Benadryl. Prom was fun either way. I just feel bad for anyone who talked to me that night.

We were stationed at the Kollabora table all night with Lindsay, such a doll, showing folks how to make braided and macrame bracelets. This was awesome because we got the opportunity to meet a lot of really rad ladies and assist them through their very first time of making something. The best part of my night was that moment of watching someone's DIY lightbulb turn on for very first time. So cool. If you enjoy DIYs and creating your own projects, you should check out Kollabora, for sure. It's a neat creative community.

Then end of the night approached and it was time for the Prom 'bests' to be announced. Brandi and I were actually nominated as 'Best Pals' and were so flattered to be in the ring with Julie (Orchid Grey) + Jen (Jen Loves Kev), and Jenny Highsmith + Maiedae. Thank you to everyone who voted for us. Julie and Jen took the crown in that category :).

Then it was time for Prom Queen... I had no idea this was a raffle. The whole night Brandi kept joking that I was turning into a pumpkin. My eyes were getting puffy, I had tissues everywhere, my hair was coming loose, a giant pimple the size a china popped up to say hello and all I needed was a bed. I was a pumpkin. So they pull a card and I see our little logo on a blue card and my heart sinks. I was prom queen, which meant I had to go up to the stage looking like a crazy person. It was one of the funnier moments for me and Brandi because I was a MESS. Probably everyone else too because they didn't know who this puffy eyed crazy girl was that one the "2nd chance prom queen" raffle. Thanks for sponsoring the raffle Squarespace! I got a keyboard, custom case, and some other goodies.

Overall, the night was amazing and filled with fun times! Can't wait until next years TXSC14

Muchos besos,

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