On the way to our cottage in Russian River Valley we stopped to check out The Muir Woods. My friends Jace and Katie have a photo (hanging in the bathroom) of them standing inside a huge tree and that one photo was what made me want to see it for myself. I came out after using the restroom asking where in the world were those huge trees! I needed to be there and they said Muir Woods in California! Hot Dog!  It just so happened I would be taking photos there myself just days later. The Muir Woods won my heart. I have never seen trees so Majestic. I felt like a kid again looking up in Awe and Thanking God for this beautiful moment. And photo's do not even compare. You have to come here for yourself. I wish we had more time on this trip for more hiking and outside adventures. Places like this take me back to my childhood and who doesn't like feeling young? I do!




It was this or the mooning photo, I thought I would spare my parents the embarrassment. Love Y'all!


This kind of place is perfect if you are having a "Fat Day" you just feel so tiny. Haha!
DO I dare go in there?

Have you ever been? Jacob thinks we are going back to Southern California in October because he has a gig. I'm not sure I can go yet but if I do I want to make it an adventure trip. I want to camp, go hiking, jump off a cliff... into a large body of water. Where should we go? More of my adventures on IG @BuenoBrandi I still have way more to share but I have to go to work now. More on California coming soon.