AROUND YOUR TOWN /// Rodeo Beach







These photo's were taken a couple hours before we got to MUIR WOODS. We were revisiting the places Jacob and I went the day he proposed 6 years ago (SEE POST HERE). There was construction going on blocking the road we had to take to get there and to be honest I was feeling a little emotional being in those places without Jacob.  Since we drove all that way I suggested that we get out stretch our legs and play on the beach. I think this is just what us Wino's  needed to recharge for the second part of our trip. There is nothing more soothing than the sound of the ocean. Just ask Ashley, she has to sleep with some Ocean app to go to bed at night. Giddy up Rodeo Beach! These Texas girls appreciate your beauty!

There was so many other beaches I wanted to check out but so little time. I really appreciate everyone's recommendations. I am making an ultimate list. Soon to be posted.

Shirt /// Zara (I love the back because of the zipper)
Shorts /// Ruehl
Sweater /// Gap  (Its from the 90's, I got it when I was in High school. Felicity had the same one.)
Boots /// Thrifted for 25 cents
Shades /// Raybans
Necklace /// Fringe Mala
Ring /// Only Your Treasures