FIX YO MOP /// Purple Haze

Lately I have had the itch to do something different with my hair. We gave Kelly a blunt chop, blunt bangs, and she even went a little darker. I have done nothing. I have been boring. I have been thinking of maybe going on the purple side for Fall, now that it's kind of here in the mornings and evenings.
Do you think all over purple or just the light pieces in my hair would look good?  I mean I don't want to look like I am a hairstylist straight out of school. You know what I mean?  When you see a group of ladies at lunch wearing all black and they all have crazy, stripey, different colored hair. Been there! Done that! We all have!

Hope you like this mornings purple haze post. Kelly put it together just for you to look at during coffee time.  We will be posting Week 5 Hair challenge later on Instagram  @BuenoBrandi @iheartbueno

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1. Are you liking the hair posts/ hair challenges lately?
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