FIX YO MOP /// Teased Half Pony Braid


This weeks (week 3) Hair Challenge was a teased half pony braid. This can be done on long hair or medium length hair.

How To ///
Tease hair at the root, my hair was dirty so I sprayed dry shampoo on my roots.
Pull hair back into a loose half pony and secure with elastic.
Wrap a small section of hair around to hide elastic and bobby pin to secure it.
Tease half pony tail to make section seem like it has more hair.
Braid half pony section, tie in a knot, then tease or secure with elastic band.
Tease and rough braid.

In my Hair ///
Dry Shampoo - soaks up oil on scalp
Powder Puff - this creates more volume and texture with hold

Join The Fun ///
Post your pic and use hashtag #BuenoBuenoHairFun #DoOrDyeTxHairChallenge

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