WWBW /// Running Errands




Hat /// Top /// Shorts (DIY) /// Boots /// Necklace /// Bag  /// Wrist Bling

So yesterday was our errand day. After I got home from Washington Gym, I took a quick shower, ate some breakfast and headed out the door with Jacob. We had a full list of things to do and I was determined to get the list crossed off!

Rockin Robbin- Drop off Amp
Free People- Made an exchange.
Urban Outfitters- Bought This Hat! 
Starbucks- Try Chocolate Chai Latte, YUMMMMM now I need to start trying all the teas you guys recommended on IG @BuenoBrandi
Copy.Com- failed at my attempt to fax something. Busy signals are the WORST!
Cutthroat Barbers- Say Hi to our friends who just opened up this baby.
Mid Century Modern- Talk to Richard about parts
Whole Foods- Grab a late lunch

Tonight at 8:30 Double Trouble and Richard Knight of Feast presents TOM BAWCOCKS EVE! Traditions and cocktails of Cornwall

 We got home around 3pm and Jacob went to work, I was pooped. Errands make me more tired than going to work! I would be a terrible house wife. A couple hours later I met up with Grace, my salon business partner, at Double Trouble while we had an awesome brainstorming sesh. The Holy Mother is my favorite Drink there!

  I was home in time to watch The Voice and wind down for a solo dinner. Jacob was just getting off work and headed out the door again for a late night band practice with the guys. Thank God he had already prepared my dinner of Mahi, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. It was delish,and all I had to do was warm it up on the stove. While I was rummaging through the refrigerator I spotted a new bottle of wine and got super excited. Yummy Dinner with a glass of wine + The Voice + The Originals = A Perfect Tuesday Night.

How's you week going so far?  Do you have a certain routine you stick by during the week?