FIX YO MOP /// Undone


Photo One /// I joined the Coast to Coast Challenge  Tuesday. The challenge was braids so I wanted to incorporate the two challenges together. I braided my hair in four little braids then I braided them all in one big braid. I used copper wire to secure it at the end then I twisted the ends back into the braid.
Photo Two /// Week 6  This is my typical day to day look. I like the bends my hair gets from the braids and no damage done from any heat.I like to play around and experiment with really loose braids and really tight small braids. You can do a lot of different variations of this look. Have fun with it.

How To /// Put your hair in as many braids as you want before you go to bed and un do them in the morning and spray some hair resort for that Undone look. Tease roots for more volume.

In My Mop /// Hair resort

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