AROUND MY HOME /// Keely and Mike










all photos provided by Mike + Keely

Names /// Mike and Keely
Kids /// Ethan, Emersyn, and Edyn

Location ///  The Woodlands, Texas
Square Footage /// 2310

How long have you lived here /// Mike and I bought this house 4 months ago. We made offers on 3 other houses before we "won" this one. The housing market is crazy around here, and we bought during the peak.

This house has amazing natural light, high ceilings, and tons of windows.. but the previous owners were really into brown. brown walls, brown carpet, brown furniture. So the first thing we did was paint everything white, except for the kitchen, it's a light grey, then we pulled up the carpet and painted the concrete white. So the light just bounces of all the white and it's amazing.

When we moved in.. I wasn't sure how I wanted to decorate.. I knew I wanted to put a white slipcover on our previously red slipcovered couch, but that's about it.. everything has just sort of evolved from there..

Favorite places to shop /// I've spent a lot of time shopping at antique stores and ikea.. west elm is also a favorite. Instyle modern is also a great place to get chairs.

Favorite room in the house /// When we bought the house I wasn't sure we would use the "formal" dining room, but we do, all the time, it's actually one of my favorite rooms in the house.

What projects are you working on /// We have plans to do so much more.. the concrete floors are just temporary, they'll soon have wood, except I'll miss the white. the guest bathroom needs to be redone and all the carpet in the bedrooms taken out.. there's also tile in the hallway that has to go. plus we're gonna redo the fireplace and the backsplash in the kitchen.. maybe Brandi and Kelly will have me back when we're done. ;)

 So far we are really enjoying this house.. after renting for 7 years, it's nice to be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want. No questions asked! :)

Thank you mucho mucho, Keely + Mike for sharing your home with us! It's beautiful.