1. Jacob snapped my sandy hands one morning in Carlsbad.
2. Lonnie Webb
3. Kelly's Pinterest
4. Paper Crown Etsy Shop
5. I took this at Venice Beach right after we got slammed by some wave.
6. Sew n' Sing - found HERE
7. Sew n' Sing - I've been obsessed with the girls behind sew n sing for years now and this collab with RVCA is killer.
8. Sew n Sing
9. Nasty gal look book
10. My Pinterest

This week was the busiest week at the salon. This always happens when I get back in town and have to play catch up. I worked extra long hours,  haven't worked out in two weeks now,  forgot to text back a number of clients (sorry), I haven't seen my family, and I am not complaining. I am super thankful that I have the energy to work, a husband who spoils me, the inspiring team I work around, and clients who are patient with my traveling schedule. Now that it's Sunday, I can slow down, catch up on things, go get a mani pedi with a friend, visit with my family and recharge so I can do it all over again this week but hopefully I can add in gym time. Let's face it, it's Holiday time and people need to look good!

Kelly's Week was crazy too, I think our lives are always crazy though. Anyway, Kelly has been busy at Stash, they had a truck show this week which I am super bummed I missed. She has another trunk show with Stash at Native Citizen on Wednesday, and fancy dinner party on the 23rd and another trunk show on the 29th + 30th with Langford Market. Geez, what a month. When Kelly hasn't been at the factory she's been at home getting her house ready to host the second official Collab Creative Night except since Kelly lives all the way in the country it's going to be a SLUMBER PARTY! I have been pinning DIY ideas that I want to work on. I am also so excited to see her, its been 2 weeks already. No Bueno.