YOUNG LOVE MAD STYLE /// Nevin & Scarlett




 (Photos provided by Scarlett)
Names and Occupations ///
Nevin Pontious- lives in Culver City, works in creative for Deus ex Machina
Scarlett de Boer- lives in Leucadia is a makeup artist and camera tech for a broadcasting station. 

Favorite thing to do together ///
Our favorite thing to do together is go adventuring, Which could be anything from a last minute road trip on the Motorcycle, to finding hidden gems, like a odd book store or pet cemetery. 

How did you love birds meet ///
We met on New Years, at cabin trip with mutual friends. IT was up in the mountains next to a lake, the hashtag for the get away was #MBTL13 ( mistake by the lake 2013). Nevin sliced his hand while having a snow ball fight, I bandaged him up. 

Favorite thing about your love muffin ///
I think we both love that we are equally curious and spontaneous. 

Favorite place to shop for clothes ///
Thrifting, any thrift store will do, but we Love Hidden Treasures in Topanga Canyon. 

Music you two have been diggin lately ///
The New arcade Fire Album, "Here come the night" is magical, also Nevin is a huge fan of Russian Polka Music.  

Guilty as charged ///
Guilty pleasure - Nevin- red vines, vintage motorcyle jerseys, and taxi dermy. 
Scarlett- watercoloring , old books, and coffee. 

Fun Facts ///
Nevin is a expert bb gunsman. except for the one time it rickashaed and got him right in the eye. ( YOU'll shoot yer eye out kid!)
Scarlett loves bugs . all kinds. She has a collections, but is in desperate need of a centipede, more butterflies, and a tarantula.

Her IG <> @Soscarlett
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His IG <> @Nevmcq
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