Last Years New Years Resolutions  /// still working on the bold and the half marked out ones.
Learn How to Say No 
Find Somewhere to Volunteer or Give Back where you feel led  (Parks Youth Ranch, Kickstarters)
Travel Somewhere new (Nicaragua)
Read More
Make fitness a priority (Thanks to Washington Gym) I did drop the ball during Holidays :(
Drink Less (Dear Wine, Why do you have to be so good?)
Love More  (I could do much better, I need to learn patience and not get so angry)
Go on more Date Nights (We spend a lot of time together, but we are always with friends, is that bad?)

Find New Hobbies ///  Rock Gym, Cooking Classes, Dance Classes (Jacob got us Dance lessons for Christmas)


2014 New Years Resolutions ///
Spend more time with my family
Read the Bible in a year 
Learn Spanish 
Take Bueno to a new level
Give back even more than last year
Stick to a Budget and plan for our future
Work smarter not harder
Go on three different Surf trips (if I can make one a mission trip even better)
Take a couple inspiration trips with the Bueno team
Get in the best shape of my life and then stick with it
Go camping as much as possible 
Change my attitude and try to be happy and uplifting even when I'm not feeling it
Set weekly goals so I can stay on track
Love and encourage my Husband and the ones around me more
Play in the snow somewhere
Take a cooking class at Sur La Table
Buy a House