This past year was long, challenging, wild, heartbreaking and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I decided on January 1st 2013 that I would take on every challenge I could and see it through. I failed in areas, I succeeded and I learned more than I ever have in a single year. It was thrilling. I can't wait to refocus and apply my intentions for this year and see what comes of it. Cheers to all on this year's journey!

2014 New Years Resolutions ///
Be a better person
Make time for my relationships with friends and family
A balanced lifestyle / I want to be present and fill my with things I value and not just work work work
Take every opportunity to learn something new
Practice instruments (piano+ukulele) instead of watching Netflix before bed
Learn Spanish (seriously this time). Maybe it'll be easier this year with Brandi learning too :)
Use my knowledge of design to take on projects with heart + soul
Dominate Bueno / We have BIG plans to put in action this year.
Practice yoga everyday. Even if it's just 20 minutes in the morning
Value my skills and be more selective about the work/jobs I take on throughout the year
Start saving for a camper + retirement
Eat clean
Quit Redbull (but it really gives me wings!!!!!)
Go out dancing more. It's the time I feel my best and this past year, I went out dancing maybe 10 times. unacceptable
Take a trip once a month. Even if its just a day or weekend trip. I need to get back to exploration and documenting
Not let my to-do task lists become lists and handle things as they come up
...and take a rad sister sister trip with another sister duo!