It's this endless cycle. The Laundry is done. Awesome... But still gotta hang the clothes up, gotta walk the dog, gotta feed the kids (Bootsie and Zeyk, not humans), gotta make coffee, gotta meal prep, gotta get that workout in, gotta eat, gotta clean the mess in the kitchen, gotta get back to those emails, gotta text clients back, gotta clean the house, gotta get the bueno orders done, gotta ship out bueno orders, gotta buy more supplies for bueno and do or dye tx, gotta pay the bills, gotta have skype meetings with Kelly, gotta go to work, gotta re- organize the house, gotta shower, gotta de-clutter, gotta go over budget, gotta set new goals ...

Then there's social life, the fun stuff, gotta go to church, gotta go to bible study, gotta hang with friends, gotta go to community dinner, gotta go on a date, gotta go to dinner and a movie with the family, gotta celebrate someones birthday, gotta celebrate someones Grand Opening, gotta go to a wedding, gotta plan your next vacation, gotta gotta gotta. REPEAT. It never ends. and we don't even have kids yet!

Do you ever feel like this?

How do you balance your life between work, chores, and social life? I just want to feel like we have a  legit system and not feel guilt when it doesn't all get checked off.