Jacob has been sick for 3 days now and he hasn't left the house. I've left a couple times to get food and medicine, Gym, walked the dog, Sugar & Cloth Studio Launch Party and even went to my cousins house for the Finale of Bachelor but other than that I have been playing nurse (it's never been my strong suit but I'm trying my best). Yesterday I was going to take Jacob to the doctor but we decided to just pump him full of water, vitamins, oils and R&R. He started to get cabin fever so we made a trip to Rockin' Robin for guitar strings and the grocery store for some essentials. Being sick has forced us to slow down and actually get sleep, thank God the weather has been awful or else that would be just cruel timing. The quality time together has been great, I just wish he was back to feeling 100 %.

Thanks for all the Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go recommendations. These are the shows I currently watch // Secrets and Lies, The Voice, Empire, Nashville, How to Get Away with Murder, Law and Order SVU, Girls.
Jacob watches // Grim, Blacklist, The Flash, Justified, and whatever I'm watching.

Loved // The Killing, The Fall, The Bridge, Bates Motel, True Detective, Game Of Thrones, Brothers and Sisters, Parenthood, Felicity, Friends, Roswell

Guilty Pleasure /// The Bachelor or Bachelor Pad...the crazy girls are my favorite. You know you watch it too... except Jacob he just mumbles and puts his two cents in from the other room.

We tried but didn't click with // House of Cards, Mad Men, and many shows that try to be funny. Don't get me wrong I laugh easily in real life...it's just I don't like when shows try and force it on me. What are your favorite shows?