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On Jacob ///
Shirt /// Jeans /// Wrist /// Flops /// Blanket /// Back Pack (find out why this isn't just a bag)

Lately Jacob and I have been throwing bags and bags of clothes in our guest room for donation, we are trying to re focus and live by quality vs. quantity.... in all areas. Yes I have posted about it before but it's an on going cycle. Jacob is a lot better about it than me. It makes it a lot easier when you have those go to places to shop, one of our favorite places in town is Manready Mercantile. Not only is it visually stimulating but the guys are great, super helpful with suggestions, and you can drink some whiskey while trying to decide on your new favorite pair of jeans. Jacob and I like to wear clothes that we can be comfortable and active in but still feel good about the way we look. If you haven't been yet, ladies take your man, y'all will be obsessed and keep in mind you will be there for awhile. If you don't live in town, I'm sorry you can't get the full in store experience but you can still shop online.

Great tip we have been following ///
for every one item we buy, we have to get rid of three old items.

What tips do you live by when shopping?