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For a couple months now our life has been non stop with travel, work, and celebrations. We're lucky if we get a half day to just hang out and catch up with each other. This has always been a challenge for us, alone time, date nights, quality time. This past weekend 4 very special friends of ours were married on the same weekend. I was praying hardcore that they didn't end up having the same wedding date! My prayers worked, one was on Friday in Houston and the other was on Sunday...but in Seattle. Flying into Seattle for Lonnie and Kaitlin's wedding gave Jacob and I a couple days of that quality time we so desperately needed. Since I am a morning person I love silly coffee time in bed when we are both still delirious, making plans for the day, and just hopeful for a fun day ahead. These photo's are not a great example of that because we had that silly time hours before these were taken. This was probably our third round of coffee well after breakfast. The coffee was just that good and the company was even better. It's crazy how much things can change in a relationship because if you would of asked me two years ago, I wouldn't of wanted quality time, I didn't even really care. I am so thankful we aren't in that place anymore.