Smooth Affair- This is what I start with to prime and brighten my face and it feels so good. I love this whole line. Come to Do or Dye Tx salon and try whatever you are interested in. 

Dream Tint - I am in love with this tinted moisturizer. It is light but gets the job done. Click here to buy or come to the salon and match up your skin color.


Shell Highlighter - I love putting this in the corner of my eyes, bridge of nose, my tear drop above mouth and chin. It makes me glow a little. 

L'oreal Double Extend - Blackest Black - My all time favorite mascara bc they don't smear and its easy to take off.

Lip and Cheek Stain - Forever Peach

Erase Paste now called Boi- ing Concealer - I panicked a little because I couldn't find it but it's because they changed the name. Praise The Lord. This hides my blemishes even my broken blood vessel on my cheek if I care that day. Great for under eye circles. The best actually.

Pat McGrath Labs - Bronze Ambition Eye Palette - when I'm feeling like I need a little extra, I love a good copper lid and I just apply it with my finger.

Bare Minerals Bronzer - Warmth - This is my all over the face bronzer that makes me look tan all year round!

 Benifit - They're Real


Glossier - Boy Brow I love the packaging and the cute pink pouches everything comes in.

Make-Up Bag - I got this one awhile back so I'm linking another bag from same store.





HAT /// SHADES /// SHIRT /// PANTS /// SHOES ///

My last IG post I asked about Goal Setting. I want to be better about breaking down my big goals into a bunch of small ones so that I don't feel like the big one is so far away...and so I don't feel so discouraged. I am great at making a bunch of to do lists but I am not so great at checking those off, not because I don't get them done but because I just get scatter brained and forget to actually CROSS IT OFF which is the most rewarding part right? So this next week I am going to dedicate a small part of the day for daily goal setting and journaling. Blogging and Ig can be used as a tool for that as well. I will let you know how it goes and I encourage you to join me in this. Lets hold each other accountable. 

I also mentioned that when Praying for myself I find it hard to ask for specifics. But I want to start writing my prayers out again and being as specific as possible. It's really hard. I will get totally personal right now. When I pray about a baby or kids I always pray This ____> God if you want us to have a baby then give us a baby. If you don't want us to have a baby then don't give us a desire. The truth is I don't even know what I want. I am scared to have kids. I am getting older so I am running out of time to decide. Before my Gma B died she put her hands on my tummy and prayed for me to have a baby. It was super emotional but I don't know what the emotions were from? Was it because I was sad this could be the last time she would ever pray over me or because I have some deep rooted issues? I know we would be happy and have a good life either way. Jacob would be an amazing Dad, The best Dad....but I do not think I would be a great Mother. So how do I pray for this scenario? How is that for being vulnerable? 

What I have been into lately ///

Shop / Saint Cloud River Oaks Is the cutest boutique and if your lucky Poppy The doodle will be there to greet you!

Music GAWVI - Giana I heard this song during warm up at our gym, The League, and I was instantly like what is this?! I need this on repeat! It's not what you was perfect for warm up when your still waking up... 

PodcastsFridays with Flea Style - I really enjoy these small business interviews. I can totally relate and it's so interesting to hear other peoples struggles, victories, and how they do things.

BookRich Dad Poor Dad - Jacob and I are listening to this on Audible when we are in the car together. 

Spare Time / Shopping for the home, Thrifting, learning how to be a better plant parent. 

Study / Ecclesiastes - Life change Series 


Hope you all Have a good day! And send me podcast and book recs that you think I would enjoy!