I was talking to my good friend one day about the future and finances and she told me about some book or podcast on how to become a Millionaire. I mean don't we all want to become millionaires? Anyway, it had to do with 7 sources of income.

She told me she was working to have 7 sources of income bewtween her and her husband.

I counted mine at 3, 4 with Jacob ...  and thought I've got some work to do. 

Another thing I'm constantly talking about with friends is skin.

  • How can we look younger?

  • How can we minimize our wrinkles and pores?

  • How can moms get rid of dark spots?

  • How can we get rid of sun damage?

  • How do we get those lashes back that we had as kids?

I'd seen my friend Kelly's amazing before and after lash posts. She shared how they were almost completely gone after years of wearing fake lashes... and then a month later they were thick and long! They actually keep getting longer and longer.

I noticed her skin had become brighter and begun to look more youthful. 

I needed the info.

The first thing I tried was the Miraculous Lash Boost because that would be easy to try out. Money back guarantee if it didn't work, so hey, why not?

But guess what? It worked! 

My sister noticed right away and was shocked that even my bottom lashes had gotten longer! 

So then I got curious about the whole line.  I was obsessed with watching the videos of Kelly's skin routine...  I mean go see for yourself... Her skin is flawless.

Also she never asked me to buy anything. I always went to her. 

What really got my attention was when she said that this amazing skin care line paid for her house note last month and this wasn't even her full time job. This was her side hustle. I mean...

YESTERDAY I did a thing. 

I signed up under Kelly with Rodan + Fields.

I know what some of you are thinking...  I thought the same thing.

"She's going to be super annoying and try to sell me face wash."


I am not going to try and sell you anything.

I'm going to continue to use the products and when people ask me about it I will inform them of what I use.

You'll see me post about my skin care regime and how my lashes have grown so much recently.

I post about hair, outfits, working outs, plants, and home decor already so why would I not share this too?

I am 37 years old and it's time to take care of my skin! 

I will show my before and afters as I use the line and you can judge for yourself. 

Reasons why I asked Kelly about signing up under her /// (Yeah I asked her while I was doing her hair.)

  1. I wanted another source of income.. I want to hit that magic number 7. I want to be financially secure until I die. I want to be able to take care of my family and know that everyone will be ok. So I'm going to take advantage of the time and energy I have in me to set up my future now.

  2. I still want to be able to work no matter where I am. If I am physically not at the salon, or we're traveling... this is the perfect business to keep me busy and challenged!

  3. KIDS... when we have them I want to be able to spend as much time with them as I can. I also want to give and show them the world.

If you want to to check out the products for yourself CLICK HERE

I want to invite you to my virtual skin care launch this Thursday at 7PM hosted by my friend Kelly. 

How many of you have used this line? Have you tried the lash boost? what are your thoughts?



749C15B5-D43E-40AA-AE3F-0B5CD33E247C (1).JPG

I always get questions about how I pack and what I pack so I tried my best to link the items. I didn't link all the clothes because that will be on my WHAT I WORE post. I usually start getting things packed 2 weeks prior because I am a procrastinator that is panicking and freaking out day of thinking of all the extra things. I also try on all my outfits to see how they look incase the place I am going doesn't have a full length mirror. Jacob caught on to this behavior early on so he helps me with the process. He is definitely the one who charges all my gadgets night before or day of a trip. Anyway, Here is all the things I packed for this 8 day trip. Also.... Follow @iheartbueno on IG to see what she packed!

HUGE SUITCASE /// I have had this suitcase for years now and it's still working 100 percent. I packed over 60 pounds worth of stuff this trip. Best suitcase I have ever owned. Since I got it so long ago it's not available for purchase but the one I linked is same brand and the newer version.

CARRY ON DUFFLE BACK PACK /// I want the newest version of this bag because the new one has wheels. I linked the new one. Mine isn't even a year old yet so I'll give it to Jacob when I get the new one. Ordering this week! It will be perfect for weekend trips and COSTA RICA! I also love this Carry On

PACKING CUBES /// These keep me way organized and also keep my dirty clothes separated from my clean ones. I even bought some for my Dad on this trip. You can't have too many of these, I just keep adding to my collection. 

COMPRESSION SACS /// I use these to pack  my denim, sweaters, and Jackets... all the bulky items that usually take up a lot of space. 

PELICAN MINI CASES /// I have several of these for my memory cards and chargers.

SMALLER RANDOM BAGS /// Throw in my Beats, Hardrive, Smaller Headphones. You can never have too many zip pouches. Makes finding things so much easier.

FANNY PACK /// It's the best travel pack to get your ID or phone out fast. I also wore this on every hike. Perfect for ID, Money, Marigold Bar, Gum, Chapstick. The Fanny Pack I wore this trip was my HAIM pack that Jacob bought me at their concert. I linked the one I should of grabbed bc it was more compartments. 

WRISTLET /// when we went out to a nicer Dinner and I didn't want to wear a fanny pack. I did not bring a purse. Mine is Gold but I linked the latest color that they have. 

BANDANAS /// Brought 2 and bought 1. Wear them around your neck while hiking because they absorb sweat, you can cover your nose and mouth, blow your nose, and soak in water to keep cool. I also like the way they look too. Sometimes I wear them around my head too. 

HEADPHONES /// For the plane ride. I brought my power beats also.

NOTEBOOK /// because I like writing things down better than typing them. 

WATER BOTTLE /// It is so important to always have water anywhere you go. This dry heat was insane!

MITCH, BRAD, & CHAD /// I bring these guys on all my travels because they love to hang! My dad lost Brad... so we will miss him. 

CAMEL BAC /// Because its annoying carrying a water bottle around when your climbing.

BASEBALL HAT /// to keep the hair and sun off my face!

LAP TOP /// I just feel better when I have my computer with me. I used it a few times. 

HARD DRIVE /// I had the highest intention of uploading photos on my hard drive so my computer had room.

CAMERA /// I realized I need a new lens for my camera but thats ok because my dads new camera was awesome! 

 /// CLOTHING ///

SPORTS BRAS AND UNDIES - You never know if you will be able to wash your clothes so bring 2 per day of each.

SWIMSUITS ///  These Bottoms /// a lot of these Tops /// Bottoms

3 LULULEMON PANTS /// Hikes, Runs, Sitting around in. I wore them all. And they are all high waisted so it sucks it all in! Get one in all your favorite colors because they are my favorite! 

2 TANKS // Only wore 1 hiking. I think I forgot about THIS ONE.

T-SHIRTS /// You can never pack too many. I went through so many on this trip. Mostly Vintage Tees but always have 2 white tees with you. and 1 cropped 1 DANG IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A TEXAN tee.

3 SWEATERS /// only had the chance to wear one at dinner in Flagstaff. 

SWEATSHIRTS /// Only wore these at night in Flag Staff because it would get cold. 

2 JEAN JACKETS /// I had every intention of sewing my new patches on every night but that didn't happen.

4 PAIRS OF JEANS /// Wore 3 of them. One time was at the airport.

1 PAIR OF JEAN SHORTS /// always a good idea. I wear these all the time!

6 DROP CROTCH PANTS /// I love wearing these pants when it is hot outside bc they breathe and don't stick to you. Only one pair didn't get worn. Kelly even borrowed a pair. 

6 JUMPSUITS ///  I wore every single jumpsuit. Two of them were Jammie jumpsuits.

LONG SKIRT  /// This skirt has built in shorts and the skirt part is see through so your legs can breath. ITS MY FAVORITE! Perfect for out door activities (not hiking). Not available in store but my friend is selling hers on POSHMARK! size 6.

ROBE KIMONO /// you never know when you want an extra layer over outfit or Jammies

3 PAIRS OF SOCKS /// I don't wear socks much so I only packed 3... not sure if I even wore them once.

SLIDES /// Wore these babies A LOT! So comfortable. Similar ones CLICK HERE

NIKE RUNNING SHOES /// I never put these on once. It was incase I felt like going on a run. 

REEF HIKING SANDALS /// OBSESSED! I got these when I worked at Beyond Image in High School or maybe the summer after I graduated. I have only used them a handfull of times but these are the most comfortable things to hike in with keeping my feet cool.

TEVA FLATFORMS /// Wore these to Antelope Canyon 

OXFORDS /// Only wore twice when we would go to Dinner

REEF FLIP FLOPS /// I can't remember if I wore these?

CHECKERED VANS /// Always packed because they are comfortable and go with most my wardrobe.


TRAVEL SIZE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER /// Never used because I didn't wash my hair the entire trip. 

DRY SHAMPOO /// DRY SHAMPOO 2 The reason I didn't have to wash my hair the entire trip. These are my two favorite of everything that is out there!

LOTION /// I am still using the lotion from the Lei Low in Hawaii....Almost out and I am sad.

BODY WASH /// I am still using the body wash from Lei Low In Hawaii.

AQUAPHOR /// This saved my lips on this trip. Best purchase! 

DEODORANT /// I use the mens kind bc I hate the scents they have for women.


MOISTURIZER /// I used so much because Arizona will suck out any moisture you have. Vampire.

SPF /// Because who wants wrinkles and cancer?

EYE CREAM /// Because they tell me it's long over due for this woman adult self care.

SHIMMER SHINE, ANTI GRAVITY, HAIR RESORT, MILK ///  I only used the Shimmer shine for the ends of my hair to keep conditioned and so my hair would smell good. You can pick these up at Do or Dye Tx or call the Salon 713-523-0861

TEXTURE COMB /// Our Magic comb would not leave home without. Breaks up waves perfectly.

WET BRUSH /// I only used it a couple times for the dreads forming in the neck line area and the one time I fixed my hair. The only brush tI use. 

CURL STICK AND WAVE IRON /// This are the only tools I use on my hair. Mostly the Wave Iron because it's fast and lasts all week! You can purchase the ones I use at Do or Dye Tx.

DAIRY DIGEST COMPLETE CAPSULES /// NOW is the brand. Jacob packed these for me incase my tummy acts up

3 SUNNIES /// because I need variety.


We Bought a cheap Cooler Bag from Walmart to keep our waters, snacks, and booze cold on the road. I will probably invest in a good one LIKE THIS ONE since every trip we are buying a cheap one and that adds up. Definitely a must have because we snacked almost the entire time. The only snack that didn't go inside was the bags of chips... I don't remember a time that I ate so many chips and candy in my life. Anyway, that bag ended up saving Kelly $75 at the end of the trip because her bag was 9 pounds overweight. So there is a helpful tip for ya! Always pack an extra bag incase your suitcase gets heavier. Ours always is because we buy things. 

Do you think this was too much? Too Little? Is this something you would like to see on Instagram Live? The packing process.