11 years married to my babe. Last year we celebrated our 10 year anniversary going snowboarding in Colorado then surfing in Hawaii where we honeymooned. We went big because 10 years is a big deal! Every day together is a big deal so I think it is important to acknowledge and make anniversaries special in your own way. This year we wanted to keep it simple and go camping with our dogs so we could all be together but weather kind of ruined that plan.

It did not however ruin our anniversary. We spent the day with our dogs, worked out, went shopping, went to lunch, celebrated our Anniversary on National Margarita Day! Hello! Winning! We Netflixed and Chilled, ate at a new place that we’ve been meaning to checkout ….And for our big activity, we got to do our 11 year anniversary shoot with Joseph from Pandesal Photo. All of this may not seem very exciting but to us it was. We just wanted to be together and enjoy our time with no rushing around or set plans. The photoshoot was important to us because we are at a really good place in our relationship and in life and I always want to remember this sweet season of life.

Make time to have fun with each other. Listen. Laugh a lot. Grab his hand or rub the back of his head when your in the car. Watch what the other person wants to watch every now and then. Pray together. Compliment your partner. Work out together. Share dreams and help them conquer those dreams. Compromise. Show interest in each others hobbies. Don’t be mean even if it’s a joke (I am working on this) Do the small things to make them smile. don’t be afraid of counseling.

These are just some of the day to day things that make our marriage stay alive. We are no experts and if anything this is just a reminder to us to just try our best to make one another feel loved and appreciated because it is very easy to just go through the motions and get in a rut. Trust me we have been there done that. So I hope you find this post encouraging if you are in a rut.

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I was talking to my good friend one day about the future and finances and she told me about some book or podcast on how to become a Millionaire. I mean don't we all want to become millionaires? Anyway, it had to do with 7 sources of income.

She told me she was working to have 7 sources of income bewtween her and her husband.

I counted mine at 3, 4 with Jacob ...  and thought I've got some work to do. 

Another thing I'm constantly talking about with friends is skin.

  • How can we look younger?

  • How can we minimize our wrinkles and pores?

  • How can moms get rid of dark spots?

  • How can we get rid of sun damage?

  • How do we get those lashes back that we had as kids?

I'd seen my friend Kelly's amazing before and after lash posts. She shared how they were almost completely gone after years of wearing fake lashes... and then a month later they were thick and long! They actually keep getting longer and longer.

I noticed her skin had become brighter and begun to look more youthful. 

I needed the info.

The first thing I tried was the Miraculous Lash Boost because that would be easy to try out. Money back guarantee if it didn't work, so hey, why not?

But guess what? It worked! 

My sister noticed right away and was shocked that even my bottom lashes had gotten longer! 

So then I got curious about the whole line.  I was obsessed with watching the videos of Kelly's skin routine...  I mean go see for yourself... Her skin is flawless.

Also she never asked me to buy anything. I always went to her. 

What really got my attention was when she said that this amazing skin care line paid for her house note last month and this wasn't even her full time job. This was her side hustle. I mean...

YESTERDAY I did a thing. 

I signed up under Kelly with Rodan + Fields.

I know what some of you are thinking...  I thought the same thing.

"She's going to be super annoying and try to sell me face wash."


I am not going to try and sell you anything.

I'm going to continue to use the products and when people ask me about it I will inform them of what I use.

You'll see me post about my skin care regime and how my lashes have grown so much recently.

I post about hair, outfits, working outs, plants, and home decor already so why would I not share this too?

I am 37 years old and it's time to take care of my skin! 

I will show my before and afters as I use the line and you can judge for yourself. 

Reasons why I asked Kelly about signing up under her /// (Yeah I asked her while I was doing her hair.)

  1. I wanted another source of income.. I want to hit that magic number 7. I want to be financially secure until I die. I want to be able to take care of my family and know that everyone will be ok. So I'm going to take advantage of the time and energy I have in me to set up my future now.

  2. I still want to be able to work no matter where I am. If I am physically not at the salon, or we're traveling... this is the perfect business to keep me busy and challenged!

  3. KIDS... when we have them I want to be able to spend as much time with them as I can. I also want to give and show them the world.

If you want to to check out the products for yourself CLICK HERE

I want to invite you to my virtual skin care launch this Thursday at 7PM hosted by my friend Kelly. 

How many of you have used this line? Have you tried the lash boost? what are your thoughts?