AS OF LATELY /// August



TV /// During the summer months TV usually sucks but this year Netflix really nailed it with Stranger Things. I grew up with movies like ET, The Goonies, and The Quest (another rad 80's movie with Henry Thomas) so I was super stoked when I found out that this takes place in 1983. If you are looking for something that reminds you of your childhood or if you just want to watch a great series go to Netflix and start watching. It's only 8 episodes so you can totally binge watch in a day or you can savor it and watch one episode a week. Oh and don't worry... it's been confirmed that there will be a season 2!!! 

TUNES /// In our house we are constantly streaming music through Apple Music so if you want a really awesome playlist while you have friends over for drinks or if you are just hanging out and want to chill you should play Arcade Fire : Influences /// It has 15 bad ass songs. Get on this playlist now. You can thank me later.

HOME /// We've been having a lot of fun arranging and shopping for furniture in our new home. We are not in any rush we are just enjoying the process. So far the only big items we have purchased are This Bed, These Barstools, This Media Console, and This Entry Way Table. We actually had to cut the bed in half to get it up to our bedroom, if you follow me on snap you already know this. Just a bunch of problem solvers over here. Thanks Joe! Anyway, some places that we have been frequenting for home decor are Amazon,  Nordstrom, West Elm, Homegoods, World Market, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters. And I pretty much want everything in THIS shop.  Our home already has been rearranged since THIS POST.

TRAVEL /// In two weeks we have a family vacation to Northern California but then Jacob and I will head to Palm Springs to meet up with some friends. Thankful for sites like Trip Advisor, and Cheap that make booking trips so much easier. 

WORK /// I'm really excited for next weeks HAIR TO class at Do or Dye Tx. We will be teaching clients how to get waves for days starting from step 1 at the shampoo bowl. See the last class HERE. If you aren't already following @Hairtoclass @doordyetx you should for weekly hair tips and inspiration and Hair tutorials like the Braid Cross Tuck and THIS ONE.

BLOG /// I added a WISH LIST page. I will be adding to this page daily. If I find a good deal or if I see something I absolutely love I want to share it with you. What you will find on the WISH LIST page : Clothing, Home Accessories, Furniture, Beauty Products, Hair Tools/ Products... so keep checking back.